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  1. K

    Clio Williams Subframe Widetrack

    Hi, Im new here, I have 1993 Clio S with a Volvo 480 turbo swap and I want it to have Williams Front Track, Does the Subframe Add up to front Track or is the wishbones that makes it wider. I will leave it here some pictures of my Clio
  2. K

    Clio mk2 with mk1 editions paint

    Look at these great designs made by _sansplomb_
  3. 131.JPG


    Williams Badge 0155
  4. 130.JPG


    Williams 0155 interior
  5. G

    Clio Cup Race Car Mk1 for sale

    Hello fellow Clio rs fans! I have somewhat of a forgotten gem for sale, the very 1st Clio rs in history. Registered in week 50 of 1990, this was made a year before the road car went on sale. A genuine RS Factory race car with less than 22,000 miles, an MOT and even the factory Renault Clio Cup...
  6. F

    Clio a name in my life

    Hi everybody, Nice to see this website around the clio. I drove as every day car clio 16s MKI, Williams MKI, MKII, RS MKI and a clio RS MKII "S"... That was years ago, but I have one of them, and I hope use again soon, but have no time to put in order, so, long time without running. I am...
  7. Y

    OEM Clio Williams Engine Bays

    Afternoon all, Could I ask you to share your pictures of (as early as possible) factory new Williams One engine bays please. I am trying to identify all of the elements / components that are painted, and what colour they are painted. Appreciate it. /y0z
  8. B

    How many still exist? [Mk1]

    I'm just curious to see how many of the special Mk1 Clios still exist. :)
  9. MarcB

    Slightly Modded Williams 2

    Just sitting at £970 (When posting the topic)
  10. J

    Shout out - 182, williams and another - eastern avenue Romford

    just wanted to give a shout out to whoever it was with a blue 182, a Williams and another. The 182 had a cliosport sticker I was the one in the blue 1.2 Clio with an exhaust that's probably too loud Was good to see other modified clios, all giving it down eastern avenue, Romford area...
  11. M

    Williams A46 Newark & Blue Megane Lincoln tonight 5:30 ish

    On my way home from work in Lincoln A46 in my titanium ph1, saw blue Megane got a wave from you :-) Then a very clean williams N reg on Newark bypass, looked a well kept example
  12. Martin_172

    williams, callander main street

    Saw a Williams on the main road outside the coop. That's 2 Williams I've saw in the last 12 months... 200% more than the 200edc's I've saw!
  13. ThomasTurbo

    Clio Williams parts for sale

    Hello guys and gals I have a few Clio Williams parts for sale on eBay at the mo with more going up over the next few days. Hopefully this bits might help someone out. Williams seats 111737480099 Williams engine covers 111738194864 Williams bonnet vent 111740263573 Soon to be up will be a...
  14. JPJ89

    Clio Williams, Dundee

    Clio Williams seen heading through broughty ferry on the road out to monifeith on Thursday, must have been around 3pm-ish. Looked nice, first time Iv seen one on the road I think!
  15. rickyquicky

    Clio Williams - Removing Inlet Manifold

    I'm trying to remove the inlet manifold on my Williams, most of the car is stripped so access is good (headlights/bumper/front panel all removed) I've removed all the hoses/fuel lines etc, and unbolted the fuel rail but not removed it, do I unclip the connectors for the injectors first, the...
  16. Luke001

    Mint looking Williams 2, Salisbury

    Seen parked up in Sainsburys car park, it looked incredible
  17. Wee_Billy_92

    Clio Williams. Dundee

    Seen, coming out of Dundee, Heading into Kellas around 4:45
  18. rickyquicky

    Clio Williams Steering Rack

    Is it worth refurbing/replacing the steering rack on my Williams even if it 'seems' ok? How can I test the condition of the rack itself? Am I better off just replacing the arms and ball joints and leaving the rack if it seems to be working well?
  19. rickyquicky

    Williams engine mounts

    Anyone know where I can get new engine mounts for a Williams apart from Renault? Or is it a Renault-only jobbie Thanks
  20. rickyquicky

    Williams/172 shared parts

    I'm breaking a ph1 at the moment and took the wishbones off today, when i saw them i was surprised how much they looked like the ones on my williams. Put them side by side with williams wishbones and they look identical! Can anyone confirm if this is the case? If so what other parts are...
  21. rickyquicky

    Williams - rusty front crossmember

    Just starting a restoration on my williams, have stripped the whole front end to look for rust and its surprisingly clean. Did come across 2 spots that are bad, both are on the front crossmember. Whats the best way to repair? Is it worth cutting the whole part out and replacing or just...
  22. rickyquicky

    Clio williams driveshaft refurb

    does anyone know a good place i can take/send a pair of williams driveshafts for refurbishment? Cheers
  23. D

    Clio Williams Wilwood Mount? are they still available?

    Hi everyone... Does any one know where I can get some wildwood dynalite brackets to fit clio mk1 hub, (calipers are wildwood 120-6805) im hopping to run standard 280mm x 24mm discs, any help would be great, cheers..
  24. A

    Arno Samimi - Gallery Renault Clio Williams

  25. A

    1 Lady Owner Clio Williams Nice But pricey?

    Is this a lot,i know there rare and this is 1 lady owner?
  26. Dan.AS

    Williams Clio

    Williams Clio spotted tonight on "my violent child" on channel 5. Lived next door to one of the families on the show.
  27. D

    Clio 172 Ph2 Radiator - Same as Clio Williams?

    Hi, I am back in an '02 172 after about 5yrs. Just sold my Williams and have an unused alloy radiator like this at home:
  28. ThomasTurbo

    Clio Williams Cambridge (M35 GTT)

    Spotted today as i came out of work. Parked in the Premier Parking spaces (La De Da) at Cambridge Train Station.
  29. markclio

    williams clio
  30. T

    Looking for a good example Williams...

    I'm looking for a good example Williams (original preferably). I know its not an original, but would you say this was a good example of a 2? I'm in two minds as I know with my other Mk1, no matter how many times I fixed the rust, it always came back (normally right next to where it was before)...