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Finally on saturday morning...


ClioSport Club Member
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Get some decnet pics posted. Will be nice ot see a 200 in the blue colour! :D
cant see that site fagan...tell me some tw*t hasnt posted photos on there!

Someone posted the following on CA:

simple question who likes this.



ClioSport Club Member
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One of the best looking 200s ive seen, worth the extra for the anthracite pack.
prefer it in red/yellow/white andwith the different wheels


white ones with the black bits are minted


Liquid yellow FTW


i think i might go for a test drive........


i seen a white one in Strathaven about a week after they were launched, and it looks f***ing good, not at good as a white 197 cup with lip kit though.......


Front bumper looks s**t that colour and the wheels look like Wolfrace Triad's............nuff said.


then it went completely off-topic

(i think this is ma last post of the day btw - if i dont reply)
fair play tbh, i still dont know about front, in fairness thinks looks better in flesh than in photos though, just curious to know who took photo from here!
  Golf GTD Mk7
AG looks sweet with the anthracite pack on it. the black is a bit much for me. black 200 are also nice in the flesh, but that blue one looks very nice :approve:
@Aly, i wasn't sure when I first seen the picture but like it more and more everytime I see it. Theres a fella on there with a 182 and another with a 197 so could be them that got the pic.

@Koi, that forum isn't as bad as you'd think. Alot of nice cars. As mentioned, 182 & 197. 180 and 200sx's, 330ci, usual VXRs and Type-Rs, Leon K1, Focus and Fiesta STs to name a few. It's not full of young lads in 1.2s.


  Abarth 500
you around saturday afternoon koi or early evening? the g/f is at work all day so will be free to drive over to your ghetto

Haahaha I moved up to Renfrew now but will be back in the 'ghetto' at the weekend. Will be free the afternoon to get a few snaps
good lad, will text you after pick it up, wouldnt mind seeing if you could try get some shots under sodium lights to show up the paint