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finished my dash happy but pissed off help needed

  white leon cupra R
the dials are wrong do i have to take it all out again and set the dials to zero so to speak?? ive tried the calibration and all the dials moved but went back to where they were apart from the temp and fuel and got a t--- error whats that mean aswell..
any way some pics of the results as i happy at them ..


the dials when key is turned

has any one got any pics or could take a pic of there dials please
I had mine out yesterday, Because i reved to the limiter in second and because ive got these aftermarket dials the needle got suck on 7k. My mates thought it was hillarious.

Anyway, They where all on the bottom line when switched off. The rev dial was about 2mm under the line.

Dials look great btw.
  2015 ST2(MO)/CorsaLE
told you the sticker would look right! as it does!!!!!
shame your having problems :(
  white leon cupra R
yeah thanks paul.....
looks like the dash is comin back out so carnt be arsed only took about 20 mins but its cold lol
  2015 ST2(MO)/CorsaLE
lol ^ really guttered that your having problems! id love mine to be inferno tbh! and with the sticker it looks better than i thought it might! :eek: but i think id be to scared to do it to mine! :) i have enough rattles from my seats with out my causing more :rasp: lol ;)
  white leon cupra R
ill have ago in a about a hour goin play on the ps 3 for a bit i reckon, gotta go hospital later and get my cast off and stiches out so aint gonna finish it today as it gets to dark and cold lol
  2015 ST2(MO)/CorsaLE
Renault should have done this from day one! what would a bit of colour have cost and a cheap sticker to brighten up the dash ;)


Trial and error mate. I changed my dials for a set of lockwood whites and when I went out for a spin with a mate to show him the car for the first time the speedo was showing 160mph, i was doing over a ton but you should have seen him. He started saying "please slow down I've got a wife and kids!!!" when we came to some lights the speedo showed 40mph on idle.

Like I said, plug them in with your dash removed and go for a drive or just turn your ignition on and do the cals test then reposition as required.
I know dials never read that true. Mines about 4mph over.

I went out with my sat nav to test. Didnt want to be going through speed cameras at 30, when really doing 40 etc,


^^^same here mine were way out though , I had to rely on the CC to get through some speed cameras cos I just wasnt aware of how fast I was going. Anything under 60mph seems so slow.
  white leon cupra R
out already didnt even take 15 mins lol
was thinkin the petrol and the temp should automaticly reset shouldnt they??
  white leon cupra R
all now perfect speed even matches my tom tom, first time ive driven the car for 2 weeks as im not ment to be drivin with a cast on me leg lol thanks for all your help, just gotta put the dash back in
  1/4 mile 14.9 @ 92mph
I need to do this because my speedo is about 10-15mph under. When i turn the ignition on my needle is way under the 10mph mark.

How hard is it to take out the clocks? do i have to takr the top half of the dash off?


Yes you remove the a pillars and the sterring column housing then a few screws by the vents etc then the whole dash lifts out. Do a search for dash removal.


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
Should have done it off cruise!!!! Set to 10mph or summat!
  clio 182 cup
i did this in my mates mine for him recently and we turned it on pushed it to bottom turn off and back on and see if its sorted. if not them do it the opposite way round, push the needle down when the ignition is off. if that dosnt work then havnt got a clue. btw where u get the little clio from?


remove left and right side A pillars facia panels (pull off carefully)
remove steering wheel upper and lower shroud (3 screws)
unscrew instrement panel screws (x2) just underneath the panel
unscrew the 3 screws right between the dash and windscreen ( 1 in middle, 2 either side)
Open passenger and drivers door, remove single screws on each side near air vents.
(you should have removed the a pillar panels and 10 screws, or the dash wont budge)

Pull the entire dash towards you.