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First Car - Mk2 Ph1, 1.2, 5 Door

  Renault Clio mk2 ph1
First post on here, I've looked at a lot of old threads for tips and ideas, and managed to make a few changes to my first car. The colour is a love or hate situation, but I can't afford to vinyl wrap it to something better. On the plus side there aren't many cars the same colour, so it's a bit different!
Money's drying up a bit, but would love your opinions on it, and recommend some potential next steps. Personally I'd love to lower it, but by how much I'm unsure!

Some pics:




Would prefer fog lights on the front bumper, and I decided to smoke the rear lights, because the ph2 lights wouldn't match the theme with the rest of the car, in my opinion.
  mk 2 clio
was it much effort changing over to the dual optic lights, i was looking at some for mine, and also how did you smoke the rear lights, did you do it yourself or buy them like that?
its looks nice though, a good colour too
  Renault Clio mk2 ph1
I do like the dual optics they look good, but these angel eyes look cracking when the sun goes down!
When they were red they looked gash, but I think the same when people spray them completely black. So I smoked them with some spray paint, about 2 coats, the lights are still nice and clear.


ClioSport Club Member
Dual optics are fairly easy to swap over, you just have to split the neutral into two seperate wires since it now serves 2 bulbs instead of one. Other than that, it's just putting wires from the original headlight connector to the bulbs. Takes me about 20-25 mins to do, but for a first time I'd recommend taking your time to get everything right.
  Renault Clio mk2 ph1
Might get a pair then, will freshen it up a bit, can't be much harder than fitting the angel eyes :)
  Renault Clio mk2 ph1
Right, because it's a non-sport I decided to lower it more than the 30mm drop suggested above (after I read through some forum threads). They still need to be fitted, by I've gone for some 50mm lowering springs. A lot of threads and posts suggested 60mm, but my front bumper already sits pretty low, and with heavy sound equipment in the back it sits a little lower than standard. Hopefully it'll look the business once they're on, I'm just hoping the tyres don't rub! :S