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First Clio

hello all after 7 winters of riding bikes its time to hang up my leathers (for the winter any way)So Ive just bought my first car which I will be learning to drive in,its a 95 Clio RSI I paid £950 @ an auction FDSH one previous owner etc.Only problem is the sunroof leaks its not the arial as I have tightened it up and sealed with silicon any idea how much it would cost to repair some one has mentioned £180 surely thats not right any other way of fixing it on the cheap? any help much appreciated


PS some pics of my bikes here Nitrous Bandit

The sunroofs in almost all original Clios leak. There have been some ingenious solutions though - do a topic search.

If its an electric jobbie then get someone to pour some water out of a mug over the four bolts that hold the glass to the frame while you look to see if its getting in, this was my problem and it seems to be fine now!