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First gear thud


Anyone get a slight thud noise just as they engage 1st ?

mine seems too..... only far.

  Clio 1.6 16V

Hi sjd172,

Ive done about 850 miles. I notice occasionally a very slight thud when engaging 1st gear, similar to clutch drag. If you press the clutch down to the boards and preferrably when stationary the symptoms generally dont appear. Suspect is due to new gearbox/ syncromesh. Incidently, I find the clutch a wee bit strange on this Clio, the bite point seems to be very high. have you noticed this? I always tend to over-rev on up changes ..... but then....Im getting old and probably can drive properly any more!!;)


Hi Neil,

I have noticed the long travel on the clutch, but I have sort of over looked it as my everyday banger is a Caput zx td vocane and the travel on its clutch is about 100yards !!!!!!

I can place that old thing in gear with just a dab of the pedal, so it sound like your right about depressing to the floor, you have found out my secret, im a well lazy driver !!!!! :oops:



Oh tell me about it!!! that overrevving thing is SO EMBARASSING... like u cant drive or something... sheesh..

oh yeah i get the thud as well guys....

Do any of you notice a slight "psssshhhh" noise when u fully depress the clutch before changing the gear?? i hear it from under the bonnet... sounds slightly like a rattle as well as a psssshhh..