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First impressions of my 197

  Clio 1970000000
Hi all

I just let the wife take my new car out with one instruction......don't kerb it!!! As much as I would prefer her not to drive it, the fact that she wants to, and she gave me hell for buying it:S, means that she has finally come round:D:cool::D

Anyways, I was thinking of putting down my thoughts from the first week of ownership to see if you lot agree or not. I have done just over 200 miles and to be honest, most were motorway or commute miles but I have already had some fun.

The bits I like:

I like the direct nature of the car. It is unruly but in a good way. The steering is nice and precise and I find the weighting to be fine. The car feels totally planted in the bends. The engine is a peach and I say this as an ex CTR owner. It almost feels like it has a turbo as it is quite laggy below 3000 rpm and then you get a nice boost. It doesn't become breathless towards the redline and the exhaust sound is just right. (I don't want to be heard 3 streets away from home). The standard seats are fantastic. I wanted the recaros and have sat in enough recaros to know what they feel like but have absolutely no regrets. In fact the ergonomics are just right for me. Finally, I love the looks, the rarity and the overall feel of the car.

The bits I am not so sure about:

There is only one thing that does not inspire confidence at the moment and that is the brakes. The pedal has some travel in it but firms up nicely but I find the ABS to be quite intrusive. I have stood on the brakes a few times (just to test them out) and find that the car pulls a little off centre and the ABS kicks in. Maybe this is something that I need to get used to and that is why I would like your opinion. They are in good condition and I don't feel that I have anything to worry about.

I think that the main thing is that I don't miss the CTR at all and I am surprised about that.
  White clique
I'm surprised about the brakes comment, they are one of the best things about the 197 imo. Maybe check the tyre pressures at the front, should not really pull too dramatically. The ABS didnt used to kick in too rapidly unless wet, so not sure whats happening there unless you are REALLY nailing the anchors!

Other than that, good to hear you are happy with your purchase!
  Clio 1970000000
Pressure in tyres is 33 at front and 30 at rear.

I am not overly concerned about the brakes. Considering that they are 4 pot brembos, the single pot honda brakes in the CTR felt better. I think that I need to go on a few good fun runs in the 197 to really get used to them. I would like to go to a meet (went to loads in the CTR) but they all seem to be a long way away and with 2 kids, there is a little planning involved.
Marv where are you based? Most areas have regular meets.

As for the brakes, I dont find the ABS at all intrusive and as Alan says, only really kicks in when wet. What tyres have you got on?
  Astra SRI/ Hornet
I test drove a 197 without the garage owner and I thought the ABS kicked in quite easy aswell. Thought it was normal as I'd had my 172 cup for over a year and forgot all about ABS. Lol


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
Re brakes i'd advise a strip down and re fit. My pads had seized in the calipers. Quite common actually


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
I will echo Alans comments re the brakes. I had 4/5 197's and I thought they were one of the best features of the car! Deffinately get them looked at.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio trophy
this car has 37k on the clock. the front brakes haven't been changed since new. They have never been cooked or ragged so have lasted a good length of time. However, it may well be coming to that time where a new set of pads/discs are needed.
  PS 200
Pretty sure the 197 has the same brakes as the 200.

If I stand on the 200's Brakes it's about the same as tossing one of these out of the window.

Definately get them checked !
  White clique
^ yeah agreed Seb, i dont recall the brake pedal having much travel either, so probs just new pads and maybe discs.
  LY R27
i find the brakes well judged, there is hadly any travel,

i've been driving a van for the past few days and drove the R27 tonight and kept bashing my head on the windscreen because i was stamping when i didn't need to!!
  Clio 1970000000
Marv where are you based? Most areas have regular meets.

As for the brakes, I dont find the ABS at all intrusive and as Alan says, only really kicks in when wet. What tyres have you got on?

Based in North West London. There are a few meets in Kent so hopefully I will get over there at some point. Bit worried I will be twice the age of everyone else :rolleyes:

The disks still seem to have plenty of life in them and the pads have a few thousand miles in them too. I will keep an eye on things and see how they go. How much should I pay for new pads?

BTW I know that the car has only had 1 careful owner or I wouldn't have bought it :approve:

PS Wife came back and I know the route she drove home. I asked her if she sped past the station? She didn't know or remember that there is a new digital speed camera there. :mad: