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First pics

  BMW Z4
Not Posted pics on here before but want to know what you all think of my car, its starting to look the way i would like it to.

MODS:Black Wheels, Exhaust of brembo ( i no not alot are fans but i love it ) lowered 60mm on apex springs painted side bullets and drums

FUTURE MODS: RS grille,induction kit (K&N)maybe tint windows bucket seats with hanresses all for now heres the pics a few before and afters :)

Heres some befores...






All Cleaned Up









All coments welcome, sorry for all the pics i got excited:)
  BMW E92/Audi S3
If it were mine, i'd slam it, RS Grille and some skirts and PROBABLY a 172 rear bumper with a cup spoiler. Would be f**king sexy!
  Coilovered Clio Dynamique
Did it come colour coded as standard?

Yup colour coded standard there is a slight notice in the colour but im happy!

I noticed itslike that on all standard colour coded cars, when i gotmine done it was all smoothed down so the colour is the same as the rest of the car, very tidy motor, a RS grill would set it off a treat
  BMW Z4
dont want it " slammed " edinburgh is very bad for speed bumps but im happy with 60mm....yeh the exuasht is big but im happy with it atm!....Definatley getting rs grille just dont know when and i would like some skirts as i fell it looks like its missing something!:S love the coulour but nice when cleaned :)


ClioSport Club Member
  986'S 172ph1+182FF
i had a twin exhaust just like urs on my 1.2, its was really bloody loud lol, took it off in the end. looking nice though. get them arches cleaned out!
  2002 172 monaco blue
color coded parts look really dull, get it re-sprayed or DIY wont cost much

  A Flamin' Red one
Liking the theme ;)

Very nice though mate. 1.2s seem to be able ro pull off those exhausts if the car is tidy, and you'rs is very.
Like it mate, although the exhaust lets it down imo, but its your car and if your happy with it then leave it.

Realy starting to like flame red.
  FPOS Productions™ 172 FR
looks very tidy mate. not a fan of the cannons on the back though, nice subtle 3" would look better imo........
  BMW Z4
thanks for all the good comments guys, i know not alot of you are a fan of this exhaust as when it was on brembo's car you all said the same to him but as said before i like it and keeping it. flame red is a great colour sort of rare and easy to get clean:)
  "Navy" N17 TWO
Wheels look really good, maybe do your lettering on the door badges in black to match them?
  BMW Z4
very nice accept please take off the mud guards!!

yeah ive not really made my mind up yet theyre not annoying me but one of them is missing and was like that when i bought it so not sure maybe if i get sideskirts ill take them off?
lovely colour, exhaust is huge tho

if it was me i'd sell the exhaust and change it for a 172 rear bumper, they look so much better

ur call tho innit
  A silver one
exhaust looks very big, but the rest of the car looks lovely. rs grille will finish it a treat
  LY R26 230 F1 Team
Code the door handles
Silver visions?
and are they 15 or 16" wheels?

Very tidy shed though mate i like =]