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First time clio owner

  Clio 1.2 Authentique
Alreeet everyone just bought my first car and just so happened it was a clio so I thought I might sign up to the forum
As I have a few problems already

1. bonnet doesn't close properly
2. Headlight lenses are foggy
3. Cow jizz in oil filler cap

I'm told that the stuff in the filler cap is common on clios but would like peoples first thoughts

Any replies welcome, even just to say hello
Any ideas on how to sort the problems would be a huge help

Cheers, Sam
  Clio 1.2 Authentique
Haha damn... Anyway thanks for the welcome boosh and chi, hopefully someone can shed some light on me problems


  Z4, VW172, R26
Bonnet might be the catch and you might get this sorted under warranty. There is a thread for sorting hazy headlights but I'm not sure about the jizz.. sounds like head gasket.. Water in the oil. . Id get the car in for a health check.