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Fish eye / wide angle lens


ClioSport Club Member
looking at either one or the other for crimbo possibly for my Canon 350D

can anyone recommend where to look and any specific ones i should be looking at, prices would be great too
Fish eye is bit of a 1 trick pony IMO, I'd look for a wide angle unless you think you'll be doing lots of shots where a fish will be essential.

Lots of choices.

Canon 10-22
Sigma 10-20
Tamron 10-24 (new so not sure its available)
Tokina 11-16 f/2.8

Tokina 10-17
Sigma 10mm F2.8 EX DC HSM
Peleng 8mm (MF only Russian lens, good on a budget)

or e-mail Ian Kerr asking for a Canon/Sigma etc price list.


Sigma 10-20 or Canon 10-22.

Sigma is cheaper.

I have a 15mm diagonal FE and a 8mm circular FE.

You will use the wide angle lens much more than any FE lens.

Depends what you want to achieve but if its a toss up between the Wide angle and Fisheye then go for the Sigma 10 - 20 as you will achieve the results you want from a wide angle lens and at an affordable price.