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fitted the splitter...looks so much better

  53' 172 Cup

  53' 172 Cup
cheers bruv. got it for £75 from guy off here. mayb stick a msg up on the wanted forum - he had 4 when i got mine.
  Focus ST
Excellent, should get mine in the next day or 2.

How did you get it fitted?? If you did it yourself, would you mind doing a quick how-to-guide??
  53' 172 Cup
its really easy mate....another pair of hands is pretty handy tho - offering up the thing to your car is a pain if its just you.

Jack you car up so you have pleanty of space underneath th front bumper
Clean the underside of bumper
Offer up the splitter with a mate holding one end and check length and fittment
(mine was slightly too long so trimed abit off..)
Start by sticking sum masking tape to the splitter and bumper to hold in place on one end and slowly work your way along.
Keep checking the splitter is flush with the bumper on the inside - the lip on the inside on the bumper..(il try putting sum pics up if you want)
After taping on the splitter check fittment again

I used to screws on the end corners and the rest evenly spread along the middle - make sure you keep checking that the splitter isnt moving out of allignment when putting screws in (i only drilled small pilot holes in the splitter - the screws should go in easy)
peel off the tape you used to keep it on and with a bit of luck should be lookin sweet.
(pics to come)