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fitting a front strut brace?

  CLIO PH1 172
so i recieved this this morning :D:D:D



(thanks ant_182)

question is how to fit it?

its come with srews as shown so do i just litrelly need to pre dril holes and screw these in? (thay dont look that strong if im fair)

so could i use some stronger bolts?

whats access like under ther to get a grip of a nut??

if it all goes to plan how long will this roughly take to fit ??

sorry for the nobby questions:eek::eek:

when i fit this il probly make a guide as thers not one i can find ?


It needs bolting to the turret yes. I wouldn't use those screws I'd user proper bolts with nyloc threads to stop them working loose.

I'm not sure what the clearance is like under the turret but you may have to remove the struts for access.
  CLIO PH1 172
Argggg hopin I wouldn't have to remove them I'll take a better look tomorrow just wanted some advice really cheers buddy


Well if you use those 'self drilling' screws provided you wont need to remove anything, but personally I'd want something more substantial otherwise it's pointless fitting the brace.
  Clio T 314hp c43 AMG
if you use those screws the first corner you take will pull them out, i used 13mm nut/bolt and washers to secure mine, drill the holes and paint them to stop rust! if you take the strut top mount nut off pull down on the strut and you can tighten the nut/bolts up. :approve:
  Vee 6
Does this brace fit with AST top mounts ? Ideally i'd nut and bolt it but wondering about clearance issues under the turret.