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Fitting Fuel pump assembly guidance.


ClioSport Club Member
Hello all.
I’m planning on fitting a replacement fuel pump assembly on Wednesday. Is there anything I need to know before I get stuck in. I was thinking about filling/priming the fuel pump? Any issues with air locks etc? Or not necessary.

The reason for fitting a new one is hopefully to stop my lazy starting issue. Car usually only starts once the key has been turned once (not all the way) then again. The issue is more common on “hot” days.


Here is my existing pump(single output type).
(Going to have a proper clean of the area before I attempt to open it up)

Part number is 8200 057 324


Drawing from parts catalogue.

A genuine pump from was €260.

I decided to go for a repro made by Pieburg(had good results with their parts in the past) for €160.
I’m going to re-use the plastic ring and sealing ring so fingers crossed they come out OK.
I understand the plastic securing ring can be tricky to get off and on. Any tips?


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  Kangoo 172cup
Old one out and new one in. Turn ignition on and off a few times to prime it and fire up. Sender ring might be tight, a tool to suit will make life easier when removing/refitting


ClioSport Club Member
Thanks [mention]Brigsy [/mention]

Swapped it today without an issue.
I used a thin piece of wood instead of a screw driver with a few knocks of a hammer to get the plastic ring moving. Didn’t put up too much of a fight.


New pump.


New pump in place. All the arrows lining up. Happy days.
Seems to be working fine so far. Will need a hot day to see if it cures the “lazy” start issue.

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ClioSport Club Member
They make carbs so won't have any problem making a good quality and reliable fuel pump, might even be better than the original.

Yeah, that’s why I went for it. I have had decent experiences with their parts that I’ve fitted to old VW’s.

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