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fitting guide for harnesses in 172

  E92 M3 Monte Carlo
i've just brought a set of cobra imola's and trs harnesses but i wondered if anyone had a guide with pictures where to mount etc,i've done a search but nothing came up
  307 hdi (powered by derv)
just use the mounts whhich u use for your existing mounts. use the mounts either side on the seat and then the mounts for rear seat belts.
If you've got super low and are keeping the interior you need to make a few mods to some of the trim and remove airducts.
Best look at the attched photo to show where the harnesses should be attched for safety in a crash situation. I had mine mounted that low and I could fell them squashing my spine in hard braking in a crash it would have been very dangerous.


FredYozzasport said:
remove airducts???
The ones that come from the centre console and go under the carpet to feed the rear footwells get in the way of the subframe on the superlow ones (or at least they did on mine). So you have to remove them and flatten the carpet down so the frame sits correctly.
  Lionel Richie
never had that problem, but i see what you mean, fitted new seats in the V6 today and saw the air ducts, my 1.2 doesn't have them
And the 1.2 cup was stripped hence why you wouldnt have had the issue ;)

Rather than remove them totally i cut them down a bit (just at the point it would have fouled) and refitted them so that it would keep the shape of the carpet rather than have the problem of it creasing or sinking over time.

I'm guessing you had to modify the inner sill trims though for the outer bracket to bolt in?
  E92 M3 Monte Carlo
i havnt got the ultra low subframes as i'd never see over the steering wheel,the back is stripped out i've had sliders aswell (awaits dont be such a big girl from fred)any pics would be welcome
Superlow frames are normally a good idea anyway, you get more clearence from the steering wheel. If you arent tall you can always raise the seat up by using the higher slots in the sidemounts. I'd post pics but I'm back on standard seats at the mo so no can do.