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Fleet insurance help

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1st if all, what is it?

Whats the criteria for having it?

what companys do it?

Is it cheaper if you have 4 cars?

is every1 covers on all cars?

If you can answer any of these, this would be of help

Its insurance that companies have to insure people on cars they own.

Criteria is you have to have a business and deal in cars or own cars in the business etc.

Loads of companies do it its the only wy to insure often.

Its not a problee the amount of cars its unusual business insurance. You claim for the owner of the business and they pay say £2k (like my mate) he can drive any car fully comp and he has 2 cars listed as his own and a few other he can list as his and de list as his (when there listed as his business they are insurered against theft if he is driving or there parked at his yard). He can add other cars to his working policy ie ones he sells) and they dont cost (upto £50K in value). He can add cars to his personal car list and sometimes has to pay excess and sometimes doesnt. If he has cars listed as being sold for to long they question it.

It covers only him he pays extra to insure others he does it by person for his 19 yr old mate costs an extra £2.5k but he is limited to none sporting cars or something like that as hes under 21. He can add any drivers but it costs a fortune and anyone who then works for him is insured.

That doesnt cover him for paid work only for moving cars round etc.

A few companies do it best ring round its a specilist industry.

Some business pay so much and dont have a main policy holder and its just for business owned cars.

You need to talk to a broker as they make the package to suit you.