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Flickr Views

  Partner's Astra SRi
So I went on my Flickr earlier and a couple of my pictures from Cyprus have been viewed today. I had one hit from Google. Found out that if you google "Blue Spice Cyprus", one of my pictures comes up on the first page. Quite exciting for me! The picture is of the pool at the Blue Spice restaurant :D

Not my best photography...

  Mk2 ph1 clio

When i upgraded to pro i had a look at my stats and found that is you search for "red kite headshot" on google.. the first link is to my profile and photo.

also if you search on google images for it, its's the first one that comes up!


  Focus TDCi
Well done Lauren. :) Since I've not uploaded for a while most of my photostream views are coming through Google and Yahoo images as well, especially for the Clio photos.
  Partner's Astra SRi
Sorry I know it's a bit of a pointless thread and that it isn't actually a great achievement but I was pleased by it.
  Partner's Astra SRi
Boring for everyone else but I just went on my flickr and I've have a lot of views today. 370!

Though looks like someone has just looked through every single photo I have up.
FLOL, say it like it's easy to get a photo on there. You and ukskew do well on it!

Lol. It's not easy but I'm hardly prolific. Only on 5.

My glass/splash one hit explore and got fairly high and has stuck there and as a result a lot of people seem to have seen it on the 'last 7 days' bit.