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FOA Capt. Slarty

Probably a stoopid question, you reckon it would be possible to rig up a buzzer to go off at the point when the gear change light comes on. The light is really hard to see in the day, but it does ensure a smooth gear change. I think the current Impreza turbos have an audible change signal. Would be good to have one on the 172.

yep, it would be easy to do.

give me a few days to sort it out and I will send you details. (Circuit diagram and parts - it wont be much)

555 time as an oscillator with a piezo transducer..... triggered from the bulb supply in the dash..

I might make one that interfaces with the crank angle sensor or coils so that you can set the point it occurs.

do you want tone change as the revs go past the optimum ?


Thatd be excellent. Dont mind about it changing tone, but being able to set the limit would be great.