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focal speakers ?

Im looking at making some upgrades to the speakers in my 172 , i have a ALPINE-MRP-F300 amp already from an old car is 50w rms 4 channel , so have been thinking of getting some new speakers to run on this .

my thorts have been focals as they seem to look good for the price , but wondering if anyone on here has fit them before and what they thort of them?

for the front im looking at

for the rear im looking at

opinions please :)
  vaux cavalier
Will you be running a sub ???

I have used a few sets of Focal speakers, I always find them to be well built and pretty good value for money....

As with all speakers, the method of installation can vastly affect overall results....If you don't plan on deadening your doors & using MDF baffles then you may be a little dissapointed with mid-bass reproduction, (reads as 'lack of')....
  "Navy" N17 TWO
I highly reccomend Focal :hail:
I've got the K2P Components for the front in a custom pod and running the same rear speakers in my setup - good job :)
im thinking about a sub been looking at a 10 ich alpine type R and running on the Alpine MRP-M500 amp in maybe some custom steath floor idea in the spair wheel well. but rattles do my head in so not sure yet will see how the rattles are after putting the new speakers in 1st i htink . was going to go for a couple of bulk packs of dytnamat extreme to begin with. i was looking at the guide on the mdf baffles prob give it a shot.
ive been reading a few other threads on sound deadening, is there anything better /cheaper to use, as firstly i want to make sure i get the most from the speakers i do put in , but at the same time i want something that can eliminate the rattles , as there are alredy a few before ive even started just using a neoprene foam my mate picked up form work at the moment to pad things out.