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Ford RS club on Top Gear...

What about ClioSport ???

I dont know if this is possible or why the RS club got on there - maybe todo with the Focus RS but maybe we could get on there for something ? Would be a great place to meet !!


  Shiny red R32

I dont think Jeremy Clarkson is a fan of Clios or anything else Renaultish!

After just getting my Cup two weeks ago I now look for articles to remind myself how good it is, even though its standing traffic too and from work.

Did have a magazine (cant remeber which one) which put the Cup above the RS and the Cooper. I also have a lancer which I use for track, but the cup is something else, havent had the chance to properly play yet though, I do however get a lot of admiring looks which is nice. Not had a chance to play which other cars if you get my drift but watch this space.


  Shiny red R32

The car programmes keep going on about the Focus! Here it is again on Driven! Also the Cooper-S is on but Tiff cant stand the whine of the turbo.

He reckons that the Type R is quicker than the cup to 60. Is that right?

I dont think Clios are the flavour of the month right now!

GR....I remember when the Williams was launched, Clarkson drove it on Topgear and he loved it. It was at a time though when hot hatches were seen as "The Devils work" by insurance companies so it didnt have an awfull lot of competition. At the moment though there is an abundance of hot hatches and superminis around to choose from, plus the apparent second coming that be the Type R is commanding all the attention( Till the R32 arrives). So Renaults baby has got its work cut out.

The thing is Ford is a world company with alot more money and power to sway TV compaines. Also as you saw, the Essex boys are a force to contend with. I once had an Escort RS, the worst car ive ever had, even had a Austin 1300 which had less rust, mainly as the sills were full of paper!!!

Anyway the cup in my opinon is equal to the williams, its just manufactures have moved on, Type R, Evo, Cooper its no longer big news. The new Focus RS is a big thing to some people, but dosnt have 4x4 and the new diff seems to me a waste of time unless your on a super smooth track.

You would have at least thought that Topgear would have had the cup on with you guys like they did with the RS lads. The R32 will be a big fat blob with a half decent engine. Brotherhas 18months old V6 and its been in for new valves, tney old good thing is heated seats, also there rather easy to break into.