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  1. canky

    Arctic Clio 182 Back In The Club

    Well another 182 back in the club. Well after a year of selling my titanium clio 182 and after recently seeing it back for sale i decided i wanted to get another cliosport again. JamesJ15 bought his titanium clio 182 of the guy i sold it too last year, and to be fair to him i asked him if i...
  2. Oddball

    Back to the club again

    Really missed my old 182, never had much chance to drive it sol had to sell it. After 2 years the i finally got back into driving and fancied joing the 182 brigade again. After a few week spying various 182's on Gumtree, Autotrader and Ebay finally found one in my area that isn't a million...
  3. Pacman.

    North Weald Sunday Brunch Club. 18th October 10:30am

    Ok guys not done one of these since the beginning of August. So for those who have not been before. It will be at 10:30am at the Wings Cafe on North Weald Airfield on Sunday 18th October.
  4. rs 1an

    Mats corsa vxr clubsport 10th October 2015

  5. J

    For those with corbeau clubsports

    What did you need to do or buy to fit them properly? Also anyone using standard seatbelts? Im waiting for my drivers side to arrive at the moment. I ordered an omp subframe with it.
  6. Jizzlobber

    Back in the club

    After 4.5 years I'm finally getting back into the 182 owners club. On Friday I'll be trading in my Mini Cooper S (worst car I've ever owned) and will be getting a beautiful condition 2004 arctic blue 182 and frankly can't wait to look forward to driving again. That is all. Thank you.:kissingheart:
  7. Rambler123

    New Clio owner, New club member.

    Evening all, just sold my RX8, however I've had my 172 since late Feb. I'm sure the wife said sell the Mazda first lol. I'm looking to do track days, living between Cadwell, Mallory, Donington I should be able to get a few sorted. Site looks really good and the club weekend looks and sounds...
  8. S

    Clio 182 for 750 Motor Club Championship

    My son will be 16 in September and is going to race in the Championship from then on so I have from now till then to build the race car. I've got a 54 plate Clio 182 with both packs on, 75k with full history so let's hope it holds up. Any tips on the build rye are welcome.
  9. scooby-93

    Clio 182 750 motor club

    Anyone on here part of this or who has spectated it before? It's at croft on Saturday and as that's my local track was thinking of coming down to watch What's the format? 1 race pack up and go or is it an all day event? Also is the public allowed to spectate Thanks
  10. J

    Herts/ London Club Rep

    Hi all, Just wanted to let you all know I'm stepping down as your Rep for this region as I'm low on time to dedicate to the role. I'm sure @Sunglasses_Ron will appoint a Temp / New rep for this area shortly. Thanks to those of you who have made the effort to turn out to the Ace Cafe meets...
  11. V

    Aston Martin Owners Club last weekend.

    Saw some nice Astons driving past my house last weekend, so went to see what was going on. Got a nice shock at Woburn Abbey! Here are a few of my favourite photos, with the rest in here:
  12. O

    Mini Clubman JCW

    Just got a new car yesterday. Love it. full spec. on coilovers too. love it. few pics for you
  13. E

    Haynes Breakfast Club

    Next breakfast club at haynes museum is sunday 3rd may. Anyone planning on going?
  14. Stopherson

    South west auto sport club stand

    Ok I am going to do a stand for the South west auto sport show on the 16th/17th of may the show is at Newton abbot race course i will also do a Facebook event for anyone who is not on the forum or who doesn't check the forum much and keep both updated. Facebook link...
  15. john_172

    Blue 172 - Village leisure club south Leeds

    Just now
  16. OH182

    new club member

    Just thought I would say hi to everyone on here. Have had my clio about 6 months now and have enjoyed every minute of it. Despite the niggly problems lol. Just flew through its MOT today with no advisories.
  17. M

    Xbox one pro clubs

    Hey guys I play pro clubs all the time but need a new club, if anyone is interested we could get a CS team ;) Search Junkstatue
  18. S

    RRR Tracktool 200+ Nordschleife Clubsport

    Hello Guys and Girls. My name is Thomas. Im From Germany/Eifel 30min away from the Nürburgring/Nordschleife. My english is not very god,.. so i used the google translator... I coppyd the text from the German Forum. So. Now it is to open a thread for my Clio at the time. I have the...
  19. B

    club newbie with a problem

    Hi everyone ive just joined às im desperate for help after being stung by a seller ! Heres a little about me first 40yrs old married with house full of kids have plenty of hobbies like pest control carp fishing dont drink and i cant dance ha ha ok the car is a 02 clio sport 172 had a hell of a...
  20. V

    High Mileage Club - 100K plus.

    My wife is currently trying to sell her Focus which recently hit 130k miles. Got me thinking about high mileages and wondering who on here has a high mileage Clio Sport (or other vehicle). Photos of big milers would be good too... Can anyone beat the 130k Ford?
  21. Deejuk

    Driveclub Cliosport club

    Just gathering interest for those with DRIVECLUB; Cliosport DRIVECLUB club?
  22. R

    New to the club. Clio 1.2 TCE

    Hi people, So today, after a year of driving my mums car around (09 fiesta :sleeping:) ive gone out and bought my first car! Renault Clio 1.2 TCE Dynamique S Pick it up on saturday, noticed its relatively nippy for a 1.2, which, with insurance as it is, is all i could afford to get but im...
  23. A

    New to the club!

    Hi I'm Adam I'm new to the club. Signed up through a friend at the French at show last Sunday at donnington park. This "was" my 197. However on the way home I rolled it twice. Devastated is an understatement. On the look out for another if there are any for sale!.
  24. jonsadler

    New to the club :)

    Hi all I finally got round to joining. I joined at pfc at Donnington by a helpful member so i knew this would be a great group. I'm still waiting for my membership to show full but I couldn't wait to say hi. I drive a black gold 182 that unfortunately wasn't at the show as I was in my friends...
  25. _Tom


    What's peoples thoughts then? Had a blast for an hour last night. Couldn't get online but first impressions are good. Game play seems good. Hasn't blown my mind but not upset I've paid for it..
  26. Luke...

    Quite a few at Goodwood Breakfasst club

    Just a couple of pics i took as recognized a couple from on here but didnt know who they were. Sorry for my terrible photography skills added with poor phone camera as to get a whole car in to the shot i have to stand quite some distance away. 20141005_080947 by felixta22, on Flickr...
  27. withoutabix

    Corbeau Clubsports

    These were posted up on Minitorque and though they might interest a few people Come in at £300 for a pair with Runners and side frames which is a very attractive price IMO Only issue is NON FIA but wouldn't bother a lot of people, especially...
  28. tristanpalmer

    What subframe? (Corbeau club sport)

    Hi all, Know this has been asked before, but a good look through searches seems to bring up a lot of conflicting information. I've just purchased a Corbeau club sport XL seat for my ph2 172, but need side mounts and a subframe to mount it to... It was second hand so doesn't come with...
  29. TheEvilGiraffe

    SE Brekkie Club / Test&Tune drag racing [motorbikes] @ NW, 27th Jul.

    Who's in :o RAFMatt + I will be there .. couple of my non-car-fwends too. Rob Scrooge Cookie Dr Jekyll Phase1sr @Sunglasses Ron Meeting at The Wings Cafe first for grub at 10:30, then wander over to the T&T. Aim for the main regular gate as I think the T&T is at the north...
  30. Pacman.

    North Weald Brekkie Club.

    So we had another meet down at North Weald today. We also had another car forum having a meet and the American Car show going on. So there was yet again a lot of cars and planes turned out. There is plans a foot to have a BBQ meet there where we can have as much...