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formatting laptop

  1998 BMW e46 323i
I'm running vista, have backed up everything I need and I have my Reinstallation DVD at hand,.. How do I format the computer, and re install Vista, so it'll be like new?

i just tried, and after about half hour I ended up back where I was. Think it just reinstalled Vista, all data was still there, even tho I clicked the option to erase all.

Cheers, John
  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport
when you install vista via cd, in advanced options, choose format then it will start from scratch
I wasnt aware you could format with a REinstall cd.

Need a proper CD to make a start from scratch installation. That's the case with XP anyways
  1 Series Coupe
You need to enter the BIOS and make the machine boot from the cd.

It'll then reboot, and the follow the instructions.

N.B make sure everything you want off of the machine is backed up.
  1998 BMW e46 323i
How do I enter BIOS and boot from cd? I did it on my old xp lappy, but can't remember how...
turn it on, and AS SOON as anything is displayed on the screen search for some text that will say something like "F2 to enter setup" could be F10 or F12. Press the "F" key a few times and then go to "boot sequence" or "boot priority"
before you do this. MAKE SURE you have motherboard (chipset) drivers, graphics drivers, sound drivers etc etc
and I still think that you can't do a proper format and install with a Reinstall disk.

Need an install disk
anyone confirm that?