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France UK meeting Number 2 !!

Hi everybody !

it has been a long time since i came here !

what about organizing another meeting in France in Lille with night runs and restaurant and track like the last year !!!

let me know if youre interested and tell me when you would like it !

best regards


French RS team

Hi Zatel, its good to see you back. We have been thinking about a return in 2003 since we left you in June :D

A return sounds great, this time round we have bigger plans and a slightly extended trip time. Weather is the main problem for a few months now, it was so nice in June it would be great to repeat that.


Hi Zatal - good to hear from you.

Well - Ill certainly be up for another Cliosport trip abroad in June next year.

Im missing out on the big Brands Hatch thingey :( but I definitely wouldnt miss out on another France trip. This years was visit was bloody excellent.

Maybe take part in some night runs this time!

Hi Zatal,

I think everyone is up for a repeat and as Dave said, would be nice to make it bigger (possibly because we might have more people coming too - about 30 cars last time I think) Not saying that last time wasnt fun because it was excellent (even though my car spent most of the holiday at Renault France) I remember the last one took some organising but it was well worth it.

Count me in !
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Quote: Originally posted by TonyKL on 31 October 2002

(possibly because we might have more people coming too)
Likely to be loads more people coming next time I think!! Would be nice to fit in a day at the Nurburgring or Spa.... :D

blimey guys, let us get Brands out of the way first hehe :D

like last year, serious planning will probably commence around January. At least this time we have the resources and experience in our favour. It wont be as hard to organise. I hope :D

good to see that some of you are very enthousiast to come over and share good time here !

for the period it cannot be may because we have our natioanl meeting the 17th of may in the center of France ( we booked a track just for ourselves !!)

the beguining of june seems fully booked for me ( best freind getting married) but the end of june would be great !!

Some of us said that this year we should book the "Croix en ternois" track just for ourselves !! what do you think ? I could organize it for everybody and the price per car shouldnt be above 100 euros for the whole day !!

so what do you think ?

PS : where is nick Read ? Havent heard from him for a while ! Hope he is doing fine !

cheers !

Nick doing fine Zatel! He is back at work now and only gets the evenings on his PC.

100 euros sounds a bargain. Definatly an option to look at closer to the time.
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Hi Zatal! Great to hear from you again, mon ami! I think its safe to say that everyone who went to France this year will want to go again in 2003. In fact the moment I got back to England I was already thinking about next years trip...

I think there may be more members coming over this time though! Personally I would love to come back to Lille and you know Im ready for the night runs. This time I will beat that Peugeot 205!

We have some ideas already about next years trip but nothing is decided yet, so send me a PM message or email me, youve got my address still? We can think about a plan.
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im definately in for this,

Ak_Uk me and you night racing again ;) and dont call my car a golf this time.

Neil in his V6 will race that evo this time! hopefully
  172 sport,

im most definately up for it any objections to me bringing 2 cars the 172 and the 205 as i should have it back by xmas and that will be better on track than me clio and obviously i wont cry as much if i stack the pug

also its a good chance for a comparison of the two:devilish:


ive found the track mates !!!

its the follembray track ( 1 hour south east of lille !!)

check their site here :

check this video too :

if we are beetween 30 or 40 cars we can rent it for our exclusive use during the whole day for less than 100 euro per car !!

and the date available are the saturday 28th of June 2003 or the sunday 29th of June !! but if we want to book it we have to be fast !!

I propose to organise the whole thing like last year and think that the track day could the sunday so that we can make the night runs on saturday night !!

so who s for it ?

Zatel, email me and Nick with the details and we will reply with the plans so far for the trip. Its going to be huge from our side and planning has already started">">