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french car show.

  307 hdi (powered by derv)

Hi i am going to the french car show this year, just wondering if people could give me some feedbck of the show last year. I s it worth going to or not?.
  BMW 320d Sport

Well I went to the first one, missed out on last years cos I was in France on the Cliosport, and this year Im hoping we can all go to both, but that is still to be confirmed, there is a big clash with the dates.

Ive been in touch with Mark Dow the chairman of PGAC (weve been invited BTW) and it looks like itll be a cracker this year, not at Avon Park but a more central location in Leicestershire which should see better attendance.

thats a shame avon park was a good drive for me mostly motaway the show wernt that bad either the gti6 that i had a race with ont the way home was a laugh g/f didnt think so though