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Friend’s car smashed whilst being fixed

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A good friend of mines Rover 200 was involved in a little lift off over-steer incident and its needed a new front bumper, 2 new alloys and rear hub. Its been at the garage for over 2 months waiting for parts, to which Rover have been as always very slow with making(?!!)

Anyway, he gets a call in the morning saying your car is ready and is about to be valetted. A call in the afternoon goes something like this: "hello sir, im sorry to tell you that one of our delivery drivers has driven into the side of your car and it needs to stay here another week for new door skin and a few other bits "

Now, the cars initial repairs were being carried out under insurance and hed been given a courtesy boat to boat around in. Seeing as hes not had to pay anything obviously for their accident, isnt there something he can do - as another ding in the car surely de-values it ? etc.

What would you guy/gals do in this situation?

Thanks in advance!




seeing as the repairs are made at no cost and the other repairs are carried out under insurance.

i would expect a full report of the damage.

but what more can you do?
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God knows, but its an arse and a half! Id hate to think how theyve been treated all their other cars!

Shall i name and shame them?

2 months waiting for parts is a total complete and utter piss take...

If I was your mate I would have been down the garage kicking ass after about a week.

As for the extra damage.. let them fix it and take it on the chin what else can you do?


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If it was my car I would insist on a new door, not a door skin as this is the cheap way out. The garage probably took good care of the car and cant be blamed for the bump. The owner should contact the company whose van it was and tell them that they want it fixing properly, not cheaply!!

Yeah but what if the van tapped the door giving it a dent, maybe it has a small dent but theyre nice enough to replace the whole skin. Maybe its not their fault, maybe its the drivers fault. Lets not be so negative people! my...

sorry bout that SI.....bugger.

A skin is just as good as a new door unless the frame was damaged...which i doubt it was...probably reversed or somehting into the side of it least he will have a nice new skin, no dents and no scratches.

Just ask for some compensation, like services etc.

It really is hard working and keping to timelines you set as you rely on people getting the goods to you. having worked in the car trade, i am far more sympathetic to the HONEST garages and mechanics, cowboys however deserve what they get.
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thanks for the response folks

Its a real poo, especially for how long hes been waiting, but hes been onto the garage and Rover loads. They simply are inept at getting parts to you. Hes seen the jobs that have been done by the bodyshop and was impressed, so im sure theyl do a pro job (i hope!).... I guess hes just sick of the 2 cylinder boat (yep 2 cylinder - well, it sounds like a very poorly lawnmower anyway) Corsa with stickers all over it saying "hello everyone ive had an accident and my cars being fixed".

So if we think renault/r-sport etc are bad, then look at this experience!!! im not so sure as us lot would be so tolerant!


i actually love soggy cars, major fun after a long time spent in a 1982 bone shaker!

Well if it was me I would go down there and inspect the damage as I feel they will make it sound minor when it might not be. Also try and find out what the other bits that need replacing.(otherwise it will be another 2 months) I would also get a better courtesy car as they have F**ked up. Also check the repairs and be hyper critical and if he is not happy get them to re do it. Unfortunatly if he does not jump up and down and make his point they will take the P*ss. Nice people get walked all over.

Thats what i would do.
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ill make sure i tell him. Its annoying how you put not only your trust in a company, but your pride and joy and it gets damaged by someone else, and you couldnt do anything about it! infuriating!

Just make sure that there wont be a problem with the insurance. ie they class that as an extra accident thats somehow his fault. ie paying double the amount of excess. I doubt they will, they are probably repairing it for free.


Quote: Originally posted by Simon172 on 06 March 2003

ill make sure i tell him. Its annoying how you put not only your trust in a company, but your pride and joy and it gets damaged by someone else, and you couldnt do anything about it! infuriating!

Could the bodyshop do anything about it? Come on, lets not be so english, sh*t happens!

Quote: Originally posted by BlackClio16v on 06 March 2003

rob what is wrong with scottish???
With being scottish or whats wrong with scotland?

Anyway, from previous experiences i dont like it up there, sorry!
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I love scotland, they could do with an injection of european weather, but apart from that its a really cool place, cool people with a cool attitude. + V- honest !!!

Now the welsh.......