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From 1.2 to 197

  R27 191/500
As title suggests I have just put down my deposit on a 197 f1 and have never been so excited!! Any one have one of these and fancy sharing opinions
  LY 200
I have a 197 with options which pretty much mirrora the R27's and love it!

Iv had performance Clios since 19 so it wasnt really step up in terms of performance coming from the 182 but for you coming from a 1.2 it'll feel like a super step up.

You'll love it im sure.
  182, 6r GTi
+ 1 for a big step up. i went from a 1.2 clio to a nissan 200sx with 300bhp no traction control or abs, sold it as i was always woried about driving it in the wet etc (+ because of the many times it tried to kill me). but iv now gone to a 182 and i love it handles well and not lively untill you really push it. good choice :)
  albi 197
I did a similar thing - went from a ford ka to a 172, and now own a 197. Tbh the rs clios are a nice manageable step up in terms of performance, as all the go is at the top end of the rev range, so you can quite easily drive it around at low revs to begin with - not that you will lol.
  Clio RS
learned to drive an Opel Astra 1.7
drove my moms Swift 1.0 for a year
passed, got my license
drove my dads Impreza GTT for a bit
got a saxo 1.6 8v
after 4 years and 100000km bought the clio
still have the subaru too :rasp:

it's always fun to upgrade!!!
  R27 191/500
Ive waited and saved sooo long for this that tbh first few weeks I'll be driving it slower than I drove my 1.2, not going jump in and instantly think I'm invincible, it's been interesting to hear other peoples upgrades thanks,


  Golf GTD
Ive had my 197 for 3 weeks now, and I came from a 1.2 too. It does feel like a big step up, i even scared myself once or twice by how fast it is haha, but now i've had it for a few weeks im used to it and feel more in control.

You'll love it!
You'll be fine tbh. The RS Clios (more so the mk3's) are good car to step into tbh due to the lack of torque low down. They feel like a 1.4 until you rev the knackers off them making them very easy to get adjusted to.


I was looking for a F1 but couldnt find a clean enough example for money i was willing to spend so i brought a 197, I swapped it for my 1.1 c2 last Saturday, and it's a massive step up, beautiful cars! What colour you gone for?



ClioSport Club Member
  lots of clios.
My mate went from a 1.2 to a 197 r27, its now in a breakers yard in leeds iirc...
Nice step up. Just take it easy in getting used to the extra go from the right pedal now. :)


This. Changing at 3k in every gear in an RS is like taking a 1.2 flat out to the limiter. You'll love it, especially the first time you take it above 5k in 2nd whilst you giggle like a child.
I went from a 1.4 8v 206 to a 182 and the difference is just amazing! have almost killed my self many times, just be careful,take it easy at first till you know you deffinately have full control of it! i learnt the hard way. how long till you get it?
i up graded from a 1.2 to my 172cup.. i had already drove a 172 b4 so i knew what 2 expect.. just be careful for a few days/weeks till you get used 2it.. youl love it the 1st time you give it the beans which i did straight after i collected it in the rain which isnt very advisable

just be careful and enjoy your ownership

p.s had it since october and already wanting something with more power now im used to it
Great upgrade. R27's are fantastic. Enjoy it and don't go mad at first, but in reality I went from a 1.2 to ph1 172 and the 172 is no more difficult to drive. Its a lot faster but with a linear power delivery, better handling and brakes it never felt difficult to drive or like it was going to get me in trouble. Handling and brakes on the R27 are a league about the 172 too so you'll be even better off.