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Front abs sensor

  LY FF182
I've got a broke O/S/F abs sensor, is there any where other than Renault to get these. ECP ones fit?


ClioSport Club Member
  Too Many
I know with the Trophy there is different sensors and ECP could not supply them.

I had to go to Renault direct and luckily a member on here had a rear one.

Its something to do with ESP and so on.
  LY FF182
Is esp just the traction control on a FF 182? Euro asked me that today, I said yes :/

i can get one from euro for £46 or order and have to wait for one from Renault at £59

Dr Jekyll

ClioSport Club Member

Did you buy the ones in the link above?

Unsure on what ones I need as i have esp. Also my sensor (one that's fitted in the hub) has female ends. The loom in the inner arch has male ends. Some of the pics of semiprecious show the opposite.