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front griile

  K9 EVV

has anyone got a ms designs front grille on there car??? pics would be great.. k tec pic is sh*te
  Chocolate Bar™

held on with little triangular type wedges. you have to try and push the wedges down, whilst pushing the grille inwards so itll unclip.

have a search on the exterior section as i wrote a guide when i did mine.


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT

Damn thats a nice! Good fit aswell, compared to the old K-tec cheesegrater

yeh but the raditor get in the way on passenger side do i really have to pull it away from the car alot to get my hand behind it
  Chocolate Bar™

i used a piece of wood to press the levers. it was awkward especially on the passenger side with the air condioning tubes but it is achievable.

have manged it now f**kin hard the clips are solid but got it off. halfway. have you got ne pics of urs middo on the car thanks dave