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Front Strut Fitting Problem

I have been replacing my front struts today as a coil was snapped but got a set of low mileage springs and dampers to replace with. After fitting the new struts I am having problems aligning the bottom two bolts that bolt the strut to the hub. The holes almost line up but not quite, its getting me frustrated. Any ideas would be much appreciated? Thanks in advance

oh and car is a mk2 172
  330i. E30 Touring.
When you say they almost line up, in what way?

You might need to put a lever on the wishbone to line them up.
Thanks for your reply, Sorry if its not clear. Either the strut needs to go higher or the hub needs to go lower for them to align fully. I have tried jacking up the balljoint but this puts the hub even higher (opposite way to the hole)
  E46 M3
Have you got both sides of the car jacked? If not the anti-roll bar will be pushing the wishbone up making it very difficult.
Done, cheers guys! Hint for anyone doing this is when hammering the bolts out, leave the nuts on the end so it doesnt damage the bolt.

Cheers guys:cool: