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fuel filter fitting


ClioSport Club Member
looking at fitting a fuel filter to my valver at the weekend. It looks to be an easy job but is there a way i should be doing it? I dont want to cover myself in petrol.



  BMW M3 & Williams 3
Let the petrol drain into a container, dont fill her up and do it.

I was told not to clamp the hoses like its says in the Haynes because they split v.easy on the clio + they are quite old now.
Take the fuel pump fuse/relay whatever out from the fusebox then run the car till it dies and wont start, get a tray under the filter and take the hoses off and ull only get a little bit of petrol come out ;)
oh and its a piece of piss to do even a total novice (not saying you are) could do it pretty quick!


ClioSport Club Member
Well your not far off, i dont do alot to my car as i dont have the tools, just oil changes etc :)

Cheers for your help.