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  1. TheBandit

    Fuel line blowing off

    A month ago I went to start the car and it would only crank, the fuel line had come loose... Ordered and replaced with a genuine item. Today on the motorway it deciding to spit it out again! Before I start tearing up the engine bay what could be the cause(s) of this? It happened just under 4K...
  2. K

    Can a bad fuel filter cause hard warm start?

    Question above.
  3. Manmr94

    Fuelling problem clio 182

    Hi, when i try fuelling my car the fuel nozzle do not run ok, i have to do too slow because it is faster i cannot keep trigger pressed and then i have to press and unpress a lot of time. Has somebody any solution?.thanks.
  4. W

    Intermittent power loss when in anything above 2nd gear mk3 clio rs200

    Hello. After a good 300 miles battering around the welsh roads in the clio rs200 with no faults whatsoever, a mere 3 days since being home I noticed coming back from a short trip that the car suddenly lost power in 3rd gear. I wasnt thrashing it, I just put my foot down in second a little bit...
  5. N

    Clio running offbeat

    My 2003 Clio 1.4 16v is running lumpy at idle and offbeat throughout the rev range when warm. When cold, she runs fine. Presumably the ECU is running a closed loop circuit when cold and rich. A short video below shows how she runs when warm: There is no smell of fuel or smoke from the...
  6. S

    SOLUTION - Cutting out, won't idle, EML/coil light

    Hi all. I recently had a problem with my 2005 1.2 16v Clio. (01-05 model). Car was running fine then after doing a motorway trip the accelerator wasn't responding properly to my input. Revs all over the place, lagging, and then wouldn't idle properly. Then it wouldn't start sometimes, and when...
  7. filip12900

    Black rear bumber around exhaust, fuel smell

    Hello guys. I have black residue on my bumper from the exhaust on my clio 172 ph1, and the exhaust gases smell like unburnt fuel. Probably the mixture is rich for some reason. I have a decat exhaust, with a central silencer between the 2 lambda probes and a rear silencer. Are the lambas dead ...
  8. B

    Mk1 Clio 1.8 16v / Williams ecu ? Spark fuel but won't run?

    Hi guys I'm new here :smile: Basically long story short, I brought this clio of eBay, seller said he thinks the alarm has killed it, done a little digging, all the alarm seems to be working, doors lock / unlock Immobiliser turns from red to green and it cranks over fine. Stripped engine bay...
  9. Danith

    Megane 225/230 engine fuelling questions

    OK - I await all the 'don't be a fanny' comments and 'its 50/50' or 'my mate's has been on 3246236 bhp with no issues' :smile: - I'm not a gambling man, I don't do 50/50, but yes, I am a fanny. So my Megane R26 is currently on ktec turbo back with sports cat, 630cc injectors, ramair open cone...
  10. J

    Clio Extreme 4 won't start after fuel ran out!!

    Today I started my clio mk2 (Extreme 4) after it not being started for about a week. I drove about 10 feet and then noticed I'd left my wallet so I had to turn off the car and go back, anyway I got back in and it wouldn't start. It makes a horrible clicking noise and it is isn't turning over...
  11. M

    fuel is pumping before ignition?

    hey, my car wouldnt start about 3 weeks ago, replaced the crank sensor as that is what code was showing up, did nothing so i then replaced the whole engine bay loom, this had triggered the immobiliser which i reset with the key and now when i turn the key to pos 2 its pumping fuel into the...
  12. Kingadamwest

    182 MAP sensor just amazing!!!!!

    So after having serious problems with a miss fire under load and lots of flat spots and spending lots of money on new timing belts aux map sensor lambda sensor etc etc and it still not running right, i decided to start unplugging all these new sensors because why not!!!....what harm could it do...
  13. C

    Over fueling Please help

    i have a 1.4 16v 2000 mk2 It's mainly in the cold morning but can do it anytime but it will Rev it's self really high and if you try to drive it will just cut out like its flooding it's self and then won't restart straight away and it's stinks of over fueling. There is no warning lights or no...
  14. S

    Clio III TCe 100 injectors and remap

    I have a Clio 3 TCe 100, love the car, love the engine, just think it needs 15 - 20 extra hp to get it to 'hot hatch' level fun. I've read that an off-the-shelf remap will take it to 125hp, but I'm sceptical because I know the standard injectors are hitting nearly 100% duty cycle. Does anyone...
  15. S

    TCe 100 fuel injectors

    Hi all, new to forum, looking for some advice. I own a Clio mk3.5 1.2 TCE 100. I like the engine, it's nice and revvy for a turbo car, but seems lack throttle response. I'm thinking of getting a remap done, but I've heard doing this on the standard injectors will result in little/no power gains...
  16. R

    Will 182 fuel pump fit a 1.2 16v?

    So my fuel pump has finally died and i've been looking around for a fairly cheap replacement. Renparts have a pump that's fairly inexpensive at the moment but it's from a 1*2. Is the pump any different on the sport models to the non-sport petrols? (Mine has the D4F)
  17. R

    Fuel rail

    Does anyone know if any F4R engines have alloy or steel fuel rails ,looking to replace my plastic one and modify to take -6 fittings and conventional regulator Thanks Dave
  18. A

    Fuel Trip computer playing up

    Hi keep putting fuel into the car,reset the trip computer and the fuel range is stuck or going crazy,this has never happened before. What is the issue car had new battery last year and everything else is working ok
  19. D

    Clio 182 removal of fuel vent canister from inlet manifold

    Does anyone know where I can get detailed instructions on removing the clip on the "fuel tank vent canister" hose from the inlet manifold? Do I need a special tool, it rotates freely on the connection which Leads me to think it must be some form of one way clip that interlocks into a groove on...
  20. pj_sibley

    182 fuel non-return valve and FPR

    Please can someone provide a description of where the fuel non-return valve and fuel pressure regulator are situated on a 182 F4R? Are they both built into the fuel pump assembly under the rear seat? If anyone has a diagram of the fuelling system, even better!!
  21. J

    Fuel pump won't run with 12v from car, but does from external power.

    Trying to get my 172 Ph1 started but the fuel pump won't run. When I turn the ignition on I can measure 12v for a second or so at the fuel pump plug. But the pump doesn't prime or do anything. If I bridge the fuel pump relay, like the bottom left hand side relay socket in this pic (not my pic)...
  22. j4mes-c

    Strong fuel smell inside & out (Clio 172 Cup)

    Right boys and girls, I think I know the answer to this but wanted to confirm before going ahead and doing anything. Filled my Cup up earlier on up to the brim- took 44litres. Took the car to Benfield Road Renault for my new gearbox seal and then on to Metrocentre. As I was driving, there was a...
  23. Nate Hyden

    Increasing fuel consumption

    Its only in the last week that its happened, but the 172s fuel consumption has gone wild, the on board computer says that its doing 30mpg but the but I loose 1 division of fuel over 14 miles. There is no engine light on, there is no fuel smell, and the coolant temperature sensor appears to be...
  24. D

    Dci fuel related issue

    Hi. I've had my dci for about 3 years and it was £500. Abit of a dog but it's been a good runner Last winter the glow plug light came on the dash and it turned over for ages before starting eventually. Replaced 4 plugs and it made no difference Code stored was DF137 - Rail pressure...
  25. J

    172 Mk2 Phase1 not starting, no fuel pressure

    Hi guys, I'm hoping somebody can point me in the right direction. My 172 Mk2 Ph1 (2001) was running fine when I parked it up before the weekend. Now it won't start. Turns over fine. Immobiliser light on dash is normal (light goes out after ignition on for a few secs) I've removed and...
  26. maurosh86

    Fuel pump to Clio Sport 172 ph2

    Hi there, i have a Clio Sport 172 ph2, and i need to know if exist a compatible fuel pump, for example the walbro, the 255 im not sure if it is ready to use...
  27. j4mes-c

    Clio 172 cup- fuel filter bypass???

    Not sure if this is the right section but on a receipt for my Clio it states the fuel filter was bypassed when they went to change it at last service. Anyone heard of this being done and will it effect the car in any way? Used to be turbo'd but now running a standard 2.0 172 engine I believe if...
  28. james alford

    Fuel lines

    For the series that i run in i now need to add a dry break into my fuel line and i know that its quite easy to do with a braided hose and threaded AN fittings but i wanted to know if any of you have replaced the line to AN and braided and what connectors you used to connect on to the fuel pump...
  29. jesus

    Do I need a fuel rail guard?

    ...because mine's fallen off ...and I have a 1000+ mile trip over the next week It looks like it's been held on by one nut, and that's fucked off. The other bolt has completely snapped and gone. Am I alright without it? Can I buy new nuts + bolts? Do I just unscrew these ones and screw new...
  30. terryc101

    Fuel pump relay

    Searched on here and cant seem to find a definitive answer or picture as to which one it is. Car is a ph2 172 with aircon, does anyone know for sure which of the below is the pump relay? Thanks IMAG0687 by terry clarke, on Flickr