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Fuel Gauge Light

I filled up yesterday just when the needle had dropped to the bottom and managed to put 44.50 litres in. I know Ive put more than this in before (about 46 I think) but my light never comes on?

When does everyone elses light come on?

If it comes on just before you fill up, how much can you get in?

My needle goes down to the bottom mark - to the point where it doesnt move at all on ignition. I then drive a bit, probbaly 10miles and then it starts flashing on...



  Audi TT Stronic

mine comes on round about when the trip computer says i can do < 20 miles.. i say < 20 miles cause at this point the trip computer gives up on telling you how many miles you can do.. grr..

Mine starts to flash on the bottom mark and stays on as it goes below to the R. Itll do around 35 miles after that with sensible-ish driving.
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Excuse my sarcasm on this issue, but do you really need to have a light come on when you are low on fuel? Look at the gauge (Its not a meter) when the needle is near the bottom, its time to re-fuel!

As for the trip computer not registering when the car is low on fuel, its a sign that you need some more GO GO juice! or would you prefer to watch the mileage go down to zero and then run out of gas?


bob,have you ever been on a journey late at night,run low on fuel and have difficulty finding a petrol station?its just handy to know how many more miles you have left when the light comes on

Or, Bob, have you ever been short of money and had to use your car even though its low on fuel? If not, youre a luckier man than I. :( I dont think you should recommend that Renault remove this handy function!
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

I have not run out of fuel recently, coz when the gauge reads low i put some petrol in! I dont wait for the light to tell me I am low on fuel - coz I already know! If I am going on a long or late journey, I make sure I have enough fuel to make the trip.

I have however, run out of petrol on my motorbike KWAK ZX6R - no fuel gauge - no warning light - no trip computer. Just a reserve tap when the main tank runs out! Once switched to reserve - if you dont re-fuel - you come to a grinding halt! Been there done that (once!)

Bob (at his sarcastic best) RTE