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fuel gugage annoyance


ClioSport Club Member
Sometimes when I turn the ignition to the point where the fuel guage starts working it goes a bit nuts. It kind of stutters as it goes up, and then when th eignition is turned off instead of going down it goes up even more. If you turn the ignition on and off again it keeps on going up, right round to near the bottom of the guage (but the wrong way!).

Only after the guage has moved a bit due to fuel being used can you get it back round to where it normally should be.

Any ideas why it's doing this??
try the fuel tank sender unit in the tank - if its not that it will be a faulty clock. Both are easy repairs


ClioSport Club Member
Cool, by try do you mean just replace? :)

And christ what's wrong with me, I can never get a thread title spelt right :)