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Fuel smell....

Have got a 1993 K 16v 1.8 Clio, recently when pulling away in traffic get a strong waft of petrol... Cannot see any perished fuel lines, would this be the problem, or is it more likely the injectors? Comments really appreciated!:(

Probably not a good idea to have a fag.

If there is no petrol on the ground after stopping maybe its overfueling and the unburnt fuel smell is coming outta the exhaust? That was a complete stab in the dark but i dont know much :)
  silver valver/hybrid

ive had this with my rt and my 16v, with the rt i accidently got petrol on my hands whilst filling up, and inadvertantly spred it all over my steering wheel, making it stink of petrol everytime i got in. in the 16 valve, it was a perished pipe, was spraying petrol all over the engine, this happened in the middle of wales, so had to drive home carefully!