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Fuel Starvation cough cough splutter splutter

Just wondering if anyone has had a problem whilst 'going hard'around tight corners,has happened a couple of times with me.Happened today with just under a full tank of fuel
That doesnt sound right at all. An Aryton says your temperature guage was fluttering while this was happening. Common fault caused by dodgy wiring at the temp sender. It causes the ECU to over fuel. That's the most likely culprit.
Chz Roy,
Don't know about the temp gauge fluttering,had the temp sensor changed about 7k ago,only done it a couple of times.Seems to be on tight corners when going hard like 3 wheel action ;)Car is due a service in the next couple of months I'll tell them about it just thought I would see if anyone else has had the same problem
Also when it happens it kind of hesitates as if there is no fuel(doesn't cough or splutter as I've put,sorry)you put your foot back down and nothing then picks up
Will do,but I think they will come back with the old 'can't find anything wrong sir'
sorry it's Renault forget about the sir bit!