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Hi there ive just went and got myself a nice shiny new cup pick it up on friday. was just wondering what sort of fuel everyone is puting in it? is any 1 using super unleaded or even optimax? if so have they noticed any difference? also does the engine managment let you use higher octane fuel? also any recomendations on how to break it in? any info would be great thanks.

I have picked up my car from the dealers today it had a full tank but I doubt it was SUL or optimax.

Reading the user hand book it states 2.0 16v use 97 RON (sul/optimax) so thats what I will be using.


Silly question but where do you get optimax from? I get 97Ron Super from BP (its one of the only places I know that sells it thats local to me). also what happens if you put 95 Ron in? I ran it on 95 Ron for about 2 months when I got the car..

Putting 95 Ron in your car will result in the car not achieving the full 172BHP, the ECU expects 98 Ron, well thats what it says in my manual and my fuel filler cap anyway, Ive never ran it on anything but Optimax, ever!

A theory - the ecu retards the ignition if you use 95ron. this gives less power. it takes a long time for it to get back to normal by filling it with optimax all the time. some owners of jap cars (japanese petrol is 100ron), especially turbos (the ecu will also lower boost), have their ecu reset after filling the car with super, this speeds up the process of the ecu re-adjust.


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optimax ownz.. i want racing fuel though 117-119 ron.. where can i get that;)

Optimax is well worth using, as has been mentioned thats how the 172 gets all its 172bhp. You wont be causing any damage by using 93 or 95ron though. Annoyling shell dont seem that bothered by keeping a constant amount of optimax in their garages.

The ideal thing to do is have optimax and get some additves from halfords, which will make your petrol the equivalent of 100-105 ron.

Yeah using 95ron is fine the 172 does have an octane sensor and retards the ignition.

Using 98 ron (optimax being 98.8 i think) just allows ur car to reach its full potential. ie max power n torque.

Optimax is a shell only product and its the only thing i use (unless im just doing some granny driving fully laden on long journeys). Why do people even bother with Super when its only 97ron and costs the same as optimax!! makes SUL look like even more of a con.

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Does using a lead substitute in your petrol give you any benefits. Ive heard it does and Ive got a decat pipe so the cat wont get damaged.
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Well lead is a well known knock resistant additive. It is totally illegal though. Leaded fuel has been banned for a few years now. To answer your question, if your car asks for 95 RON, you wont see any benefits from using a higher octane fuel.
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Wots the best fuel to put into my mk2 Clio 1.4 16v ?? I usualy use unleaded from sainsburys, once i accidently put in super-unleaded but didnt notice any difference in perfomance just cost alot more!
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Quote: Originally posted by viceroy on 14 January 2003

Then my car must be dying a slow painful death only ever being filled up with 93
why not use an Octane Booster ?