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I have a zorst on order + a viper kit, do i need to get it RRd to set it up properly, i mean the zorst is just better flowing and the induction kit just sucks colder dense air in?

get it checked.......there have been problems before....the 172 doesnt leave much room for more in its WOT table.

one runnuing overly rich, but most tetering on the edge of lean, and some detonating......but its nothing majorly serious, but the 172 is very sensitve to air temp.

nope, just a case of a very sensitive management system.....

if its an open filter cone, you will be losing power too, i have tested and they dont work on them, in fact, they just dont work........sound nice though.

well, if its done badly, if the exhaust blows, if the viper is left open in the engine bay etc...then you can....if pre ignition occurs at points in the squish area, then yes you can...

but if its setup all corretly, then about 10 + a few more if lucky bhp can be gained...but its lots of work for 10bhp!!!! lol

hehe im mad... the thing is i have no back box it rusted and fell off but they cost circa 300 quid, and a stainless steel one is 300?

huh, didnt see the reast of the thread, must of stopped loading.

I thought it only said "im mad"...hence the good....we like mad!

Nah, the zorst give the smallest gain of the lot......
  Lionel Richie

Replace the std one, it was built by Reno, so its a bag of poo!!!! (not really, but Id buy an aftermarket one over a std Reno one)