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Full details for attending, getting your car on the stand and the parade lap

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ClioSport Admin
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This should answer any questions regarding tickets/car passes and the parade lap.

Please visit the Fcs website for any general info

Tickets and car passes are available direct from the organisers, when ordering, please remember to select CLIOSPORT as the club you want to to display with. The organisers give us enough space for the amount of car passes sold, there is no limit to the amount of cars we can have displayed.
Also, you need to purchase an entry ticket for EACH adult in the car.

ClioSport is lucky to be doing a parade lap this year, this is limited to a maximum of 120 cars, places will be issued on a first come first serve basis and all participants will need to complete a disclaimer on the day. Disclaimer paperwork to be completed at the ClioSport marquee.

For general Fcs discussion, please use this thread
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