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hey ppeeps, i need some help on some subs, and i came across a cheap fusion sub with amp. i dont really know much about the, so are they any good. its 400 watts rms. or can u name me some good subs and amps for a buget of like 200 - 300. cheers

not a fan of fusion, though they do have their followers

good sub and amp combo within the 2-300 region are


Rainbow Hammer 12
Resonant Engineering RE12
Arc Audio KAR12


JL Audio E2.150
Phoenix Gold Octane R2.5:2
Orion 2002
Phase Evolution CC2.80

any combination of them should see you within the 300 budget, and provide you with a decent warm sound

cheers for that mate. i can get the fusion sub and amp package for 150 quid, do u reckon i should go and save myself 150 quid, or do u reckn i should get different amp and sub package. Cheers

Youll be able to get hold of much better ICE than Fusion for about £50 more, and youll know the difference as well. I dont personally rate Fusion, and Im sure loads of people agree with me... gives loads of 10/12" subs in your price range, my personal favourites being: Amp + Rockford Fosgate Sub - 179.99 Gold amp + Phoenix Gold sub - 189.99

Add about a tenner for the 12" versions of those and youve got some fairly decent kit thats in your price range. If I had £150-£200 to spend Id get either of those. The only thing that worries me is that the amp is probably going to be a little stressed in both of those setups, but only if youre a bass-boost on, Volume 30 person.

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