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Gantt chart help

The Boosh!

ClioSport Admin
  Elise, Duster
Gantt charts are piss easy.
Not on microsoft project they aren't. So much s**t involved with them to get them accurate...

But yeh if you want to impress, use microsoft project...
Im doing a whole module on it ATM. :(
i just bodge mine on excell. project pissed me off far too much.
Same here.

Asta Power Projects is another alternative to MS Projects but I can't comment on how easy it is to use and I'm not 100% sure there is a free/trial version available.
If anyone fancies helpin me out (doin it for me) id be very greatful
Yeah I know im lazy, aint got the time to sit and try and work out how to do it.


  RS Clio 172
i'm guessing from your name you're a girl...

on behalf of CS... what's in it for us? :p

and how long have you had the FRP for?
If you want mate, ill email you one i did for my engineers degree. Got a distinction too ha. You can work of that if you like.Just change names of activities etc and price. Should be set.


Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V = Get Degree
ahhh Gantt charts are pretty hand once you get the hang of them...

MS Project is easy to use, don't believe the haters hahaha!! There are plenty of guides on the Internet ;)