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Garage smoke alarms

Does anyone have any recommendations for smoke alarms/heat detectors within a garage? Smart, linked etc. Ideally not wired.

A friend of mine nearly lost his home recently when a lithium battery started a fire within his integral garage and it's made me think.

I'm thinking something louder than normal so it's more likely to be heard (my garage is attached to the house).


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I fitted the Aico ones to my home this year as per the new scottish law where they all have to be interlinked. 10 year battery life iirc and they all interlink via radio frerquency so if one goes off in the garage, they will all go off around the house

I didn't fit one to the garage but its a good call as I often worry about anything happening in there when charging batteries / power tools as theres a bedroom above it
I don't think you'll find anything louder than 'normal' off the shelf items, some will have a relay so you could use that to trigger a separate alarm device if you wanted to.

I'd recommend what @Mertin suggested, especially if you've not replaced your house detectors in a while.

It's an often overlooked investment and always worth the money.

Also worth noting that your local fire brigade may well offer to give you new detectors free of charge. Also great if you have kids as they may turn up in a fire engine!