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  ICE'dberg MK2 172

How do they work???

I am in 2 lanes of traffic and approaching the "Blue Monster". I know its there well in advance....I glance down at the speedo just in case and Im doing about 27mph. As you know the 30 mark on the dial is just a line and I was lower than the mark. I am on the nearside lane and the car to my right is slowly edging by me, he couldnt have been going much faster than me. "FLASH" What the FCUK is going the road strips play any part in the activation of the camera? When there are 2 lanes of traffic how does the camera differenciate between the 2........or can I look forward to ...."you have mail"

i think that they will look at the 2 photos then count the number of lines the 2 cars ahve moved between the 2 photos, using this they can check the speed, your will show <30mph and his just over. i dont think you have anything to worry about
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Chris where was this as they seem to be set at exactly 30mph if the other guy was only just going past you? Seems a hit harsh on the other driver if he was doing just over 30mph. You should be fine though.
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

It was on the Barrack Road in the capital of cameras...Northampton. I know where they all are so drive accordingly. Those mobiles even work on Sundays around here!!

It has a yellow front.

Just ralised what you mean buy counting the wasnt the sort that have the graduations for about 50yards but the sort that have about 3 or 4 lines about 20ft in front.

Had a NIP through last week for my sons car (in my name for the insurance) somewhere up in Blackburn at 11:05PM when he was tucked up in bed, only 240miles away. It appears the typist inputted the wrong reg no.....t**sers.
  Silver Fabia vRS

Those ones with the induction loop things (3 white lines) in the road dont normally flash, atleast thats what I thought, because they are digital and dont need any film?
  Silver Fabia vRS

Im sure youll be fine Chris and it was probably getting the car next to you. If you know you were doing less than 30 thats all that matters!

Dont ask me how I know, I just do, the ACPO guidlines for speed enforcement is ten percent plus two, right so if you are on a 30MPH stretch of road its is 10% of the speed limit which =3mph plus 2mph which equals 35 MPH. So Chris if you were doing 30 MPH you have nothing to worry about.


ACPO=Assosiation of Chief Police Officers, this is universal across the UK.

OH yeah the marks on the road are secondary check marks which over a time period can calculate the speed you are going. They should be two metres apart.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG


I know the bit you are on about and yes they are "blue monsters" with tiny yellow faces.

I saw 7 motorbike police officers with speed guns the other day all heading out to their prefered areas, Northamptonshire police are now investing in these as they are easier to hide than vans. Plus passed three vans with their guns sticking out the back. One van was in an area without any road speed signs or camera warning signs, the only camera warning sign was sitting on his bonnet, not the regulation 100 meters in front and behind his vehicle.

At the moment I live my life two weeks at a time waiting for that inevitable speeding ticket to drop through my letter box. Sh1t Northampton is an a*se of a place to live if you like cars.

No matter what they say the police are in it for the money! Leicester is starting to catch on to the millions that can be earnt by cameras as there are loads of cameras starting to pop up there at the moment.

I also realised the other day that when I spot a mobile camera unit my reaction time is very quick even if I am under the speed limit my foot instinctively covers or hits my break. When I spot a kid or other potential accident I am no where near as quick. Conclusion: I realised I am always looking out for cameras when I should be looking out for potential accidents.

Sorry for the essay!


  MKII Vee

Northamptons getting worse than london for cameras, I got caught by a saftey camera parked on a pavement near Westbridge, its my own fault but still annoying.
  silver valver/hybrid

there is a mental camera in cannock, i was driving along at 25 mph in a 30 and the camera flashed me! i thought "what the ....." and as i looked in my mirror a guy pulled off his driveway and it flashed for him too! i think theve fixed it now. ive seen the police bikes shielding the radar vans as well, no signs at all. lucky i was actually sticking to the limit!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

if you get a letter, which you shouldnt, then dont simply accept it as you seem pretty sure you wasnt doin over 30

for a start the camera has to be painted yellow, they cant just paint the front of it, so if you do get a letter, go take a picture of it before they paint the back

if there are 2 cars on the same picture i was fairly sure they couldnt differentiate between the 2, the lines are for calibration, i doubt they can work out the speed going off the lines

and the 10% bit is correct, 10% +2mph, so if your goin 27 your perfectly fine

the 3 line cameras are the ones that activate on traffic lights usually, to get people who go through on red, but they can be used on normal roads aswell, they use the compression strips to measure speed, but im not sure if they can deal with more than one lane, as if 2 cars are goin across the strips then how does it tell which car has compressed which strip and when, as the strips usually go across all of the road ??