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Gear Knob Removal & Fitting

Ive just attempted to fit my new Richbrook Gear Knob & have got a little stuck.

After I got the original gear knob off, there is a shaped plastic bit on top on the gear lever which is too big for the gear knob to go on.

It doesnt seem to want to come off, and Im a bit worried about breaking it off incase I need it.

Has anyone fitted a richbrook gear knob on a valver?
  silver valver/hybrid

i got a pair of mole grips and twisted, heated up with a hairdryer first to try and soften the glue, but it came off no probs, bit damaged but still usable.

All done now, had to saw half of it off before itd slide off with the mole grips, new gear knob was on in seconds and looking good!

Tom i see in your profile you own a 16v. Why is it only 120BHP as standard is 137bhp?

Thats at the wheels mate, standard bar full KTR exhaust & de-cat.

Flywheels readings vary from 144ish-147ish depending on how you work them out.