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Gearbox Ate My Driveshaft on a Targa Rally- Garage Needed Around Farnborough


ClioSport Club Member
  172 / 996 / Z3
Afternoon All
Had a brilliant day of super budget Motorsport on Sunday on a Targa rally.
Running second in class on the last test, when changing from first to second i got a thud and no gears.
Had it recovered to a good motorsport specialist (who where at the rally), who have identified that the N/S driveshaft let go at the gearbox end, and bits of the tripod thingy are in the box.
They are really busy and it's not my neck of the woods, so i wondered if there are any other local options for a gearbox swap??
Any guidance would be much appreciated.


ClioSport Club Member
  172 / 996 / Z3
So I’m now having the car shipped home so I can sort it during lockdown.
Any idea if the 172 gear box has a magnet inside to catch any bits? Or is the gearbox likely to be shot.
Being glass half full, I was hoping to fish the bits out, whack a new shaft in and hope for the best!


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
They do have a magnet inside, but usually only to catch small particles and not broken chunks...

You say it's a 172?

Are you sure it's not just popped the circlip on the diff?


ClioSport Moderator
If it’s lost the needle rollers out the tripod joint, it 100% needs to come apart. Those needle rollers are harder than the gates of hell and do break gear teeth I’m afraid.

Probably not what you wanted to hear, but it’s something I can sort for you mate.


ClioSport Club Member
  172 / 996 / Z3

So the car was delivered home and the garage that took a quick look had put the assorted shaft part in the footwell.
So I’m missing one set of needle bearings and the cylinder bit.
I may drain and see what I can fish out to start with.


ClioSport Club Member
  172 / 996 / Z3
Drained the oil and found no needle bearings in the oil.
Took the shaft out.
I could feel the missing third circular lobe jammed just inside the gearbox casing, between the case and the bolt in plate.
Managed to get that out, although I can feel another piece.
Two questions:
Is the bolt in plate aftermarket, like Renfort, or original.
I’m surprised that no needle bearings came out with the oil. Not one. Any thoughts?