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Gearbox input shaft oil leak?

Just bought another ph1 as a track car, however after taking it for a blast there is oil up the back end. Steamed everything off underneath and thought it was the sump so removed it and put a new seal in, after another blast out it seems there is oil still on the rear after cleaning the underneath before going out.
When running I cannot see any leaks underneath, drained engine oil and 4.5l come out so doubt it is that.

Two variables are crank seal, anyone had this before?

Or gearbox input shaft (the seal behind the release bearing) anyone had this before?

If anyone could shed some light it would be appreciated.
Oh dear not the best of luck that buddy, did you ever find out if 2mm was the correct depth for the seal?

When looking up at the flywheel when the engine is running I cant see any oil coming out of the crank end, hoping it's the box!
  Clio 182
Yea it's impossible to tell until you have it all off, might be worth doing the sump first, they leak around the end cap area if sealant wasn't used and at least u don't have to take the gearbox out for that.

Think the bottom end gasket set was about £25 from k-tec.

To be honest mine is still weeping slightly from somewhere but then I didn't fix the end cap as found it a bit daunting- I've decided I can live with a weep.

I but mine back in to about 1mm protruding but I think as long as the seal is on the flat surfaces on the crank and block then it's fine.
Cheers for that, already done the sump and still seems to have a leak, the oil is golden but it has fresh oil and gearbox oil, there isn't too much of a smell to it?

When draining engine oil, 4.5l come out of that and 3l come from gearbox, don't have a clue where the leak is from
  Clio 182
Hmm, maybe add some Lucas transmission fix to the gbox oil, will dye it red, if it doesn't fix the leak then at least you can tell what type of oil it is?