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Gearbox rebuilder (North)

  Vee 6
Can anybody recommend a good rebuilder north of the border ?

I know their is a couple of companies in Glasgow, But would like know which are the good ones, And any i should avoid.

  clio 182
try north east motor salvage. if u can travel that is. am positive they had another box mine is fine been fitted month now. saves messing with re-build
Might be better having a re-build. Whats to say the 2nd hand one isnt knackerd or on its way out too and you dont want to go to the trouble of fitting it and then finding out the hard way.
  Vee 6
ok guy's....... If i had to send it down south who would you recommend ?

Ideally want this diff fitted within the next couple of weeks.


ClioSport Club Member
  RS6+ & 40d MSport X5
Sean i can get it done mate!

Ring me tomorrow, i'l get a price for you!
  RB 182
I've recently had a gearbox rebuilt locally at a place called scotts gearboxes, it was for my golf where everyone else was charging £700 plus I got it done for £590 inc clutch and fitting and got a 12 month garentee and I'd certainly recommend him, he was very enthusiast and genuine. Best of all he was not VAT registered so that's probably why he was cheaper..

here's his details you can't do any worse than ring him :) not sure if he delivers but you never know

Scotts Gearboxes
01159 799499
Motorvation Coach Station, Unit 3 Daleside Road,
Colwick, NG2 4DH


ClioSport Club Member
  RS6+ & 40d MSport X5
Do you want all new internals? What diff are you wanting fitted?
  Vee 6
Nah ! It the same box, But one of the tripod bearings has come off and is rattling about around the diff ( Still works fine, Just get a tapping noise )

Picked up a Quaife LSD, So just a straight swap and fish out the spare bits.....LOL