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  mk2 ph2 clio 1.2 extreme
ive just bought a gearbox for me clio mk2 phase 2 can eny 1 give me any help on how 2 fit it? i was told i need 2 lower the subframe ive tryed that bt i cant get the subframe 2 lower help any 1?
You can remove the subframe whats it stuck on?

You don't need to take the box off i think you cna move the box with it i place loads of space on the 1.2's compaired to the 172's.

Get a Haynes manaul or PM me your emails address I think I've got a file to help you.
  2 wheel power
i took mine out, used an engine crane. was much easier than loosening the subframe. iirc though u loosen the bolts on the drivers side and take them off on the passenger side
  GSXR 600
I dropped the complete subframe... gives you abit more room to work under there.. and abit more room to drop the gearbox...