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  Clio 182
Right tonight I put it in first and accelerated away got to about 10mph then the car just revved. So I pull over and try again car goes into all gears but won't move the speedo goes up as if the car is moving. Anyone help me. First thought is driveshaft has popped out. It's a ph1 172
Depends if the friction plate is totally fucked! Also check your selector cables on your gearbox!
obviously car not running! get a mate to work the gears inside car while u look to see if they are doing anything on top of box
  Clio 182
The car is going into gear it's just not moving you can hear everything spinning just the driveshaft aint moving.

See I thought the circlip as well
  Clio 182
Guessing its just a simple put it back in place if its not damaged or could the housing for it be fooked
  Clio 182
Think I have found the problem