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getting pissed off with my new clio

well my clio is barely out the showroom, and it seems everytime i look away something else goes wrong.

ive just gave it a clean and noticed the seal on the back light is burst and the seal around the front windscreen is peeling off. ive already had it in the garage for a week getting the oil pump fixed, then a day to get a rattle in the steering wheel sorted, then another two days while they sorted another broken seal on the light.

Ive also noticed its starting to cut out for no reason when reversing. If this continues ill be looking into a replacement car from renault.

when u spend so much money on a brand new car is it too much to expect the thing to run fine?
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Mines got a rattle in the steering column, plus it always cuts out approaching traffic lights. Ive had the steering rattle from day one, plus its been into Renault twice to have it sorted, but it still does it!!!!! Sometimes it can take 5+ times turning the key to get the thing started!!!
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the only problem ive had is it cuts out when its been driven hard and its very warm the weather.Thats wrong really when u turn it off and then go mcds or sumet cum out and start it up again and it starts and then cuts out !!!
ive been told this is a common problem with fuel injection ?? the amount of unburnt fuel or sumthing


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ClioJohn, if I were you I would contact the dealer and tell them about your problems, ask them if they will let you have a courtesy car while they fix yours, and tell them that you dont want it back until it is sorted satisfactorily.


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Also, if your car is cutting out, it could prove to be very dangerous if you are overtaking on a fast road, or turning right at a junction into a major road, as something might hit you at high speed!