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Getting rid of aircon kits

Would people be interested if i came up with a kit to get rid of the aircon and replace with a new pulley and new belt.

would be far cheaper than putting the cup stuff on.
  172 Cup
if it was reliable, people would buy! I run a cup set up, it is a cup but it did have air con lol. The only easy reason for this is the readiness of the parts if required!! There are plenty of brackets about if you look in the right places. I set mine up for around £50. How much would yours be??
Well i have ph1 172 and i'm getting rid of the aircon, just want to produce a kit for people to just bolt on a pulley, put a belt around it job done.

Ye it would over engineered to take the abuse of normally road condition.

Price don't know but look into things if there was enough interest will be tested by myself first and once i'm happy i would make the kits. You would be looking no more than one month before kits would be ready for people