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Getting the 2x2 172 Cup up on stands.


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So.. I want to get my 2x2 172 Cup up on stands with a bit of height under to do a bit of work and think up on 4 stands would be good.

Main question is where is the best centre jacking point on front? Not too worried about rear as there is no weight there.

Also where are good points for the stands?

Reason I ask about jacking is in the past I have tried to put another car up on stands, both sides by jacking one side at a time, but the stands always knock off centre.



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  Q7 2018 & 172 Cup.
To get mine up onto 4 axle stands i:
•Reverse up 2 car ramps
• use 2 trolley jacks at the front jacking points and jack either side up a bit at a time.
•place 2 axle stands under at rear of subframe bolt area and let the jacks down
•then jack rear beam up in the centre and place 2 axlestands at the rear jack points and remove ramps..


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  Ph1 172&Ph2 172 Cup
Similar method to eddie, if I dont need to work on the rear I often just leave the rear on ramps

If only using one jack sometimes have to do the front bit by bit to save the axle stands moving. If they have a good hold on the chassis leg and fit in the stand good then shouldnt see much movement


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Title gave my flash back to little school (I’m almost 44)

“The animals came in two by two, hoorah! hoorah!”

And it’s been in my head all day!

Must admit, I’ve never heard the reference either.
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TBH they are so stiff I often just jack up one side at the front until the opposite side is up high enough to get a stand under, then place a stand under the jack side and call it quits.


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Don’t jack from the jacking points or use stands under the jacking points.

In fact, the jacking points are utterly useless for anything to do with Jacking.


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Image stolen from another post. I just drive up onto a couple of blocks then jack from here: